May 23, 2024

Why blacks are saying no to Biden’s Last Great Vax Hype

Blacks know their history and they have good reasons not to trust doctors and “science.”

Written By Kevin Fobbs and Susan Swift | May 7, 2021 Courtesty of Communities Digital NewsCovid, Vaccine, Blacks

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The liberal stranglehold over America’s basic freedom to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness continues thanks to the Last Great Vax Hype.  So who is not getting the vaccine?  Why are they not getting the vaccine? Why aren’t their reasons being taken seriously?  Well, for starters, it is the black community who is not getting the jab. In addition, a vaccinated double-masked-up Biden may actually be harming his credibility and preventing herd immunity from ever occurring in black communities.

 Why the black communities are not getting the vaccine? 

After more than a year of crushing lockdowns, The New York Times acknowledges that herd immunity is no longer the goal.  Now experts believe the gold standard of reaching ‘herd immunity from coronavirus is no longer attainable.   Instead, they are coming to the conclusion that the virus will most likely become a manageable threat that will continue to circulate in the United States for years. It will still cause hospitalizations and deaths but in much smaller numbers. Possibly in line with the number of people who die from influenza regularly.  According to the CDC average US death toll from the flu is 34,000 to 43,000 persons.

How much smaller depends in part on how much of the nation, and the world, becomes vaccinated and how the coronavirus evolves.

What does it really mean for people who have spent over 370 days and counting having their rights and liberties stripped away, public school educational freedoms marginalized and religious freedoms nearly terminated in the name of public health?

It means that the Last Great Vax Hype goes on.

Not enough of us have taken the shot, you see.  The state will use this to hold on to power. The virus continues to mutate so governments will continue to lock down the healthy to protect their power. And it’s all your fault, you healthy people who have so far refused to comply with vaccination schedules.

Dr. Fauci and moving the Science Goalposts

Early on, the target herd immunity threshold was estimated to be about 60 to 70 percent of the population. Most experts, including Dr. Fauci, expected that the United States would be able to reach it once vaccines were available.

But as vaccines were developed and distribution ramped up through the winter and into the spring, estimates of the threshold began to rise. That is because the initial calculations were based on the contagiousness of the original version of the virus. The predominant variant now circulating in the United States, called B.1.1.7 and first identified in Britain, is about 60 percent more transmissible.

As a result, experts now calculate the herd immunity threshold to be at least 80 percent. If even more contagious variants develop, or if scientists find that immunized people can still transmit the virus, the calculation will have to be revised upward again.

Polls show that about 30 percent of the U.S. population is still reluctant to be vaccinated. That number is expected to improve but probably not enough.

“It is theoretically possible that we could get to about 90 percent vaccination coverage, but not super likely, I would say,” said Marc Lipsitch, an epidemiologist at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Who are these nameless, faceless CDC and political bureaucrats really trying to protect since a “manageable threat” has replaced herd immunity as the target?

Is it really science or is it Biden “Monkey Political Science”

Which is nothing more, or less, than a convenient Marxist vehicle to spend upwards of eight trillion dollars to turn America into a vaccinated, victimized nation filled with permanent handouts of bite-sized doses of freedom?

California recently activated its statewide emergency alert system to blast a loud alarm along with an emergency message.  It wasn’t an Amber alert.  Or an earthquake alert.  It was a PSA to millions of phones to push the Great Vax Hype. The alert stated in part:

 “A Public Health Alert to notify its residents that the Covid-19 vaccine is available.”

Wow. Like we didn’t know?

Sure, the media wants you to think the Pretender-in-Chief Joe Biden invented the Covid vaccine. Just like he invented the internet. But on a deeper level, think about what that public alert text message really means. It means the state is using an emergency alert system to upsell a vaccine to people who don’t want to take it.

So, in the name of science, a government can declare a public safety alert to inform you of the availability of an experimental drug.

This same governmental entity is partnering with the California Teachers’ Union to require all students get the vaccine to return to in-person learning in all college campuses. This soft tyranny will trickle down to private insurance companies that will threaten to decline group coverage unless all employees have been vaccinated.  Once again in the name of science, healthy Californians will soon face a tough choice:  stay locked down in your homes or take the shot to go back to school, go back to work, travel, visit friends, to go back to normal.  You are not allowed to assume any personal risk.

Why blacks have 100 years of reasons to distrust medical treatments and drug trials

We repeat for emphasis, so who is not getting the vaccine and what are their reasons and why aren’t their reasons being taken seriously  Well, for starters, it is the black community which has more than a few hundred or a few thousand reasons for not falling for the old liberal rope-a-dope mantra “Just trust us” or “It’s perfectly safe.”  For generations, Democrat leaders and their medical and political cohorts have used the black community as medical guinea pigs to test any and all “medical treatments,” drug trials, and anything else, and always disguised as “it’s for your own good.”

The Psychiatric Times explains:

“Our country’s medical establishment has a longstanding history of abusing Black Americans. One of the most heinous generational traumas was the Tuskegee experiment, in which a massive cohort of Black participants were recruited with the incentive of free medical care. In truth, they were diagnosed with syphilis without being informed or offered treatment, but instead deceitfully monitored to study the progression of the disease.”

Blacks aren’t stupid.  They know their history. Blacks have good reasons not to trust doctors and “science.”

And if black people are not getting the vaccine in record numbers, why is the mainstream media labeling Trump Deplorables as anti-vaxxers?  Certainly, Joe Biden doesn’t appear to trust the vaccine.  Both Biden and his co-president-in-waiting, Kamala “Giggles” Harris are double-masked outside even when socially distanced.  What is up with that? Do they know something that we don’t?  Answer: No. They are simply doing what they’ve been told to do to show obedience to government mandates.

The Left and the media have politicized science to advance political ends.  Just in America, we have witnessed the push for global warming aka Climate Change, the push for recycling, the demonization of fossil fuels, and the hidden eugenics agenda of abortion to deny the obvious humanity of the unborn achieve a sinister population control agenda. All of these movements use “science” as the means to justify their Marxist ends.

They do not call it political science without more than one reason. 

And America is awakening to this manipulation of science. Consequently, more and more Americans are rejecting the global attempts at population control in the name of COVID to enforce a vaccination passport, limit livelihoods, reduce educational opportunities, to deny access to social and religious gatherings.

The jig is up. The coronavirus is real. But the government fear mongers have overplayed their hand to grab at political power beyond limits. Even the New York Times says they’ve moved the goalposts one too many times.  The Last Great Vax Hype is history.

So, get the shot. Ignore reports of very rare but fatal blood clotting side effects. You’re building herd immunity. And if you don’t, you’re unpatriotic. Don’t ask why you need to wear a mask if you’re vaccinated. And don’t ask why you have to wear a mask around others who are vaccinated.  Or why others must get vaccinated if the survival is 99.9%.  Because there is always another mutation.  There is always another threat.

Just ask the media. Because the deep state never lets a crisis go to waste. So, they order you to get the shot, shut Yo’ mouth, and put on your mask.


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