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“Old Glory” Uncanceled: Should the Stars and Stripes be changed?

Written By Kevin Fobbs and Susan Swift | Jun 26, 2021 | Courtesy of CommDigiNewsold glory, flag, gray, macy gray

Betsy Ross and the American Flag

WASHINGTON: Should “Old Glory” be canceled and replaced by the flag’s stars in flesh tones? Macy Gray, an African American singer and fundraiser for Joe Biden, is adamant that “Old Glory” needs a politically correct makeover, according to the Daily Mail.  Is this another new chapter in critical race theory wokeness by proposing a “new design” for the American flag? Should America’s parents allow their children to pledge allegiance to the nation’s first freedom neutral yet fully woke flag?

Should “Old Glory” remain America’s uncanceled freedom Flag.

Seeking a new fan base can be a powerful intoxicant for Gray, an aging leftist-leaning crooner, who appears to have an urgent desire to be rediscovered. Her new stage performance is to demean yet another symbol of America in order to ensure her escalator ride up to relevance again. Maybe while she is on her tear-down-America roll, she should start rewriting Francis Scott Key’s Star-Spangled Banner. After all, she is an artist, right?

Why don’t Woke Leftists like our non-color-coded flag?

Ms. Gray advocates muting the colors of the flag, making the red, well, more pink, and the white less “pure”.  She would rearrange and add extra stars for non-states D.C. and Puerto Rico.  The stars would have different shapes in flesh tones to reflect a diverse population.  If Gray had bothered to do her homework, she would have discovered the obvious, namely the woke justice she seeks is already contained in the flag’s origin.

The colors of America’s flag were chosen to signify national virtues, which were incorporated in the adoption of the nation’s Great Seal by the Continental Congress, June 20, 1782. Charles Thomson was the Secretary of Congress and he stated, The colours of the pales are those used in the flag of the United States of America; White signifies purity and innocence, Red, hardiness & valour, and Blue, the colour of the Chief signifies vigilance, perseverance & justice,” according to State Symbols . Those symbols on the seal, which includes the flag’s colors, were to “Reflect the beliefs and values that the Founding Fathers wanted to pass on to their descendants.”

Gray’s willful ignorance and extreme naivete of crucial historical facts is not only unsettling but it is dangerous to reject the valour, vigilance, perseverance and justice goals embodied in the flag’s adoption. Instead, she acts like a young child at a candy counter, saying she would “keep the blue square for ‘vigilance’ and the red stripes for ‘valor.’”

“America is great,” Gray explained. “It is beautiful. Pure, it ain’t. It is broken and in pieces,” and adds in the Daily Mail, “The ‘white’ stripes meant to represent purity and innocence are not an accurate way to depict the country.”

 This smear on our country and its symbols is not new, just re-awoken.

In a vulgar screed that reads like an amateur comedian’s warm-up act on a Tuesday night, little Scotty Miller at Huffington Post used critical race theory precepts in 2014 to argue that the Constitution was outdated and needed to be retired permanently. And the folks at Salon.com think it really is past time to “re-envision” a “hopelessly outdated” Constitution, “citing the electoral crisis, the decline of trust in government, and gross income inequality in the United States” following the 2020 elections.

These people don’t change; they evolve new ways to achieve the same ends of destruction. In the words of Rahm Emmanual, these people never let a crisis go to waste.

We are witnessing the implosion of the Marxists

Marxists’ dystopian critical race theory isn’t working. (Karl Marx: The one dead, white, racist male still popular with progressives)

Americans are waking up to the word of God, rejecting thinly veiled political attacks on exercise of religious freedom throughout the recent pandemic. More and more teens are choosing abstinence instead of the hedonistic 1960’s culture of sex, drugs, and rock and roll which the Marxists of the day pushed to destabilize families and usher in an age of abortion on demand, according to Calmatters.

Hundreds of parents are showing up at local school board meetings to openly and vehemently challenge the indoctrination of racism through the teaching of Critical Race Theory (another Marxist political tool) in public schools.

All the Marxists have left is symbology. So out trots a loyal, liberal, black, female entertainer to throw in her racist jab by analogizing Old Glory to the Confederate flag.

In her recent op-ed for Market Watch ahead of Juneteenth (did she really write the piece herself or did she pay her publicist to ghostwrite it?) the once-was singer argues for a redesign of Old Glory to represent all Americans. Why?  Because Gray claims the symbolism of the American flag was harmed during the Capitol riot.

Is the American flag the replacement for the Confederate flag of slavery

‘Like the Confederate, it is tattered, dated, divisive, and incorrect. It no longer represents democracy and freedom. It no longer represents ALL of us. It’s not fair to be forced to honor it. It’s time for a new flag.’ Gray argued.

Now the American flag is the replacement for the Confederate flag of slavery. To be polite, that’s utter nonsense.  Did you see what she did there? She just used a Marxist propaganda tactic to equate one good symbol with another bad symbol. All in order to deconstruct the good symbol.

How did America’s flag get its name?

It is worth reading how our flag got its name “Old Glory?

“During the Civil War, no flag became a more popular symbol of Union loyalty than the worn and imperiled standard belonging to 19th-century sea captain William Driver, who was originally from Salem, Massachusetts. His defiant flying of it—from his Nashville, Tennessee, household during the midst of the conflict— made national news. . .. Driver flew his flag on holidays “rain or shine,” … But as secession neared, Driver’s flag became a source of contention . . . [l]ocal Confederates attempted to seize Old Glory soon after Tennessee seceded.

Driver, . . . convinced that the flag was in imminent danger, decided to hide it [by sewing it] into a coverlet. It remained there until late February 1862, when Nashville became the first Southern capital to fall,” reported the Smithsonian.

The events that were to follow should be heard in every classroom across America.  And that Gray, who appears to suffer from historical truth allergies, should learn.

“Union troops led by the Sixth Ohio entered the city. When Driver saw the Stars and Stripes and regimental colors of Sixth Ohio go up the flagstaff of the capitol, he made his way there and sought out the Union commander, Gen. William “Bull” Nelson. As Nelson’s aide Horace Fisher recalled it, “… when satisfied that Gen. Nelson was the officer in command, he pulled out his jack-knife and began to rip open the bedquilt without another word. We were puzzled to think what his conduct meant.”

Finally, Fisher added,

“The bedquilt was safely delivered of a large American flag, which he handed to Gen. Nelson, saying, ‘This is the flag I hope to see hoisted on that flagstaff in place of the [damned] Confederate flag set thereby that [damned] rebel governor, Isham G. Harris. I have had hard work to save it; my house has been searched for it more than once.’ He spoke triumphantly, with tears in his eyes.”

General Nelson accepted the flag and ordered it run up on the statehouse flagstaff. Roland claimed to have witnessed what happened next.

“It was greeted with “frantic cheering and uproarious demonstrations by soldiers,” many of them from the Sixth Ohio. The regiment would adopt “Old Glory” as its motto,” according to the Smithsonian.

This is the American flag Macy Gray denigrates; the flag that hundreds of thousands of Union soldiers, and freed black slaves died to protect.  It is the flag that flew at Gettysburg and in Galveston on Juneteenth announcing to former slaves in Galveston their Emancipation. The flag under which millions of Americans, black, white, and brown, have died for liberty at home and abroad. America’s flag flew over Midway and it is the flag Marines rose at Iwo Jima.

It was under the American flag that Europe found liberation. It is the Red, White and Blue flag that drapes the coffins of all our honored dead.

Should “Old Glory” remain America’s uncanceled freedom Flag? Old Glory is the symbol of freedom around the world. That symbol will never be “old” … except to those who oppose freedom. That’s why it triggers the Left . . . hard. Long may she wave over the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

National Constitution Center: Red, White, and Blue: The Story of the American Flag


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