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Canadian Trucker Freedom Convoy Battle Cry: Viva la Canada

Written By Kevin Fobbs | Feb 1, 2022 | Courtesy of CommDigiNewsFreedom Convoy, Trudeau. Vaccine mandates

When an estimated 50,000 truck43-mile long,  Canadian Trucker Freedom Convoy is headed your way, if you are a liberal leader, your natural instinct is to flee. That is exactly what Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did when thousands of anti-vaccine truckers converged on Ottawa, the nation’s capital on Saturday. What began as a small protest when the Freedom Convoy of truckers left Vancouver on January 23, quickly grew into a massive cross-country massive movement to protest trucker vaccine mandates, Fox NewsWhat is beneath the Trudeau disdain for legitimate protest runs generations deep.

Trudeau panics and pulls the Biden hide-in-your-house option

Trudeau panicked, according to Fox News, because unified truckers were demanding the federal government end vaccine mandates for cross-border truckers. It appeared easy for Justin to use Black-face to mock black people and ignore any public backlash. Yet, 50,000 trucks filled with 50,000 plus angry Freedom Convoy truckers, could not be ignored.  They were angry, and his mocking them would not sit well.  Instead, the land up north god-fearing truckers who cross America’s borders daily were being restricted from crossing over, even though they did so during the height of the Pandemic. (Freedom Convoy Organizers hold presser – they are in it for the long haul)

Trudeau in blackface during a 2001 Arabian Nights costume party. Photo by Canada Guy – Twitter

The convoy reached Ottawa, joined by tens of thousands of fellow Canadians protesting the mandates.

Guess, who was not there to meet them.  Of course, the prime minister left the capital city in a hurry. Fox News, reported that many of his critics are “slamming Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as a ‘coward’ for reportedly

“Fleeing his residence in the country’s capital of Ottawa as a massive anti-vaccine mandate protest converged on the city.”

Trudeau pulled a Pelosi screaming of her fears from “terrorists.”  Moving his family to a secret location in the capital over alleged security risks, sources told the CBC over the weekend.

Live Video of Convoy on streets of Ottawa:

Why are liberal leaders like Trudeau afraid to face the People?

Political cowardice may be the answer to why Trudeau refuses to acknowledge or meet with Trucker Freedom Convoy leaders.  However, political cowardice is the exact opposite of genuine leadership. Political cowardice is not just a personality trait. It is the essence of a person’s makeup.

A political coward’s first instinct is to strike out and chastise or marginalize a person, group, or grassroots people’s movement.

Here is a little historical ditty the Canadian Trucker Freedom Convoy members may not be aware of.

All Justin Trudeau had done was copy the leader-neutral skills of his father, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.

In August 1982, when Justin was a young impressionable coward in training, his father, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau faced demonstrators. Canada, like the United States, was in the grips of a strangling recession. The prime minister repeatedly disregarded their concerns. According to the UPI, protesters, fed up with him, pelted his railroad car with tomatoes.

They were angered by his well-documented liberal bouts of “extravagance during a holiday in the Rockies.” Trudeau responded by giving one group of protesters a single-finger salute.

It is important to understand that context is everything, just as liberal hypocritical leaders create executive orders “For Thee but Not for Me”, the former prime minister was not immune to that same cavalier and dismissive behavior.  While The Canadian prime minister was giving his citizens the middle finger. He was embracing a seemingly aloof ancestral tradition. He was remaining loyal to his  French Quebec roots.

Freedom Convoy Organizers hold presser; they are in it for the long haul

Is Trudeau’s arrogance toward the Trucker Freedom Convoy in his political Genes?

After all, it was Marie Antionette, the last queen before the French Revolution, who famously uttered words that she may have led her to lose her head.  According to Britannica, “on being told that the people had no bread, she callously remarked, ‘Let them eat cake!’” However the reference is not to a confectionary, but the fact that the aristocracy told French bakers if they ran out of lower-priced bread, they must sell higher-priced Brioche, or cake, instead.

However, the French commoners did not take well to her remark, seeing it as pompous. They also rose up against the nearly 25 percent inflation and deepening the “economic crisis in the nation which pushed it toward bankruptcy.”

Fast forward to 1982. The elder French Quebec-born leader seems to embrace those same undeniably pompous aloof traits.  He continued his extravagant spending, while his nation was gripped with a historic recession.

In fact, according to the CBC:

“The U.S. Federal Reserve was raising interest rates, which hovered between 17 and 20 percent for most of that year, Canada’s unemployment rate climbed from 8.6 percent in December 1981 to 12.8 percent a year later. It was the highest rate Canada has seen since 1934 when the rate was estimated at 19.5 percent.”

Context is everything.

The young, and eventual prime minister-to-be Justin, possibly cowered from

“Ten placard-carrying protesters positioned near a tunnel in the Roger’s Pass, pelting almost all the cars on a train to ensure their message hit the Governor General’s rail car. That was the rail car “which Trudeau and his three sons were traveling,” reported  UPI

Thus, ignoring grievances from protesters is a cowardly family tradition. Even, U.S. Rep. Chip Roy appeared to agree.

Fox News reported that Rep Roy tweeted,

Meanwhile, “Elon Musk mocked him for the comment following videos showing thousands of people protesting the mandates.

Trucker Freedom Convoy – Battle Cry Viva la Canada

As the Trucker Freedom Convoy leaders and members remain in Toronto to continue their historic movement, Trudeau should be well aware of this crucial point.  Sparks ignite fires.  Tens of thousands of sparks lit fires in France which launched the 1789 French Revolution. It also gave birth to the memorable slogan and battle cry: “Viva le France!”  Well, that is a historic note that Trudeau would rather run away from.  “The phrase has its roots in Bastille Day, a French national holiday commemorating the storming of the Bastille, which took place on July 14, 1789, and marked the beginning of the French Revolution. “The Viva la Canada” Trucker freedom convoy has revolution has been launched.

The revolution against hypocritical Trudeau vaccine lockdown mandates that are damaging thousands of truckers, is not going away.  The hypocrisy of Trudeau, like his American counterpart, President Biden has been caught on video and in photos repeatedly. What is telling to truckers in Toronto, is how easily Trudeau can drop the vaccine hammer on truckers, while ignoring his own mandate.

In 2021, Matt Gurney of the National Post, pointedly stated,  “Justin Trudeau’s G7 mask hypocrisy is a symptom of deeper rot in our political system.”

He added, “Ugh, check out the hypocrisy,” is a saying I’ve heard a lot since photos emerged of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau taking his mask on and off like a costume at last weekend’s G7 summit in the United Kingdom.

The freedom against vaccine mandates movement in Canada is real and not disappearing. According to the Daily Mail, many American truckers joined the Trucker Freedom Convoy in solidarity.

Biden, look out, the American Freedom Trucker may be on your 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue doorsteps sooner than you can say, “State of the Union.”

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