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Biden fails at foreign policy once again as Russia marches over Ukraine

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History will record that in February 2022, Russia launched a full-scale war on Ukraine, a sovereign nation. Millions of Ukrainians including its president will always wonder why Joe Biden opened the door for Putin to invade. Biden’s disastrous exit from Afghanistan cost 13 American servicemen and women their lives.  Leaving billions of dollars of military equipment to the Taliban instead of moving it to Ukraine is unexplainable.  Biden’s “Minor Intrusion” invasion appeasement signal for the Russian president to invade may cost that nation tens of thousands of lives. According to former Obama defense secretary, Robert Gates saying Biden has been wrong on every major foreign policy decision in the last 4 decades.

Biden’s history of foreign policy disasters continues with Russia marching over Ukraine.

Why did Biden sacrifice Ukrainian freedom at the alter of appeasement

Biden has had a history of his war with coherent speech. His White House press conference in January alarmed the world with an apparent verbal nod to Putin, to only engage in a “minor intrusion.” A non-invasion invasion.  But it sent Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy into a panic.  President Biden also alarmed many NATO partner nations.

Biden’s message to Putin was not necessarily an accidental utterance or a misreading from a teleprompter. In fact, he stops to clarify “..it depends on what he [Putin] does.”

Biden has a history of taking the freedom of innocent citizens for granted. 

One could say that this practice of appeasement is actually an act of the disembodiment of moral decency which Biden first used in 1975.  More about that later.  Of course, Biden, his son Hunter, and other family members did ask the Ukrainians, Chinese, and others to line their pockets with money.

In fact according to Politifact,

“When Joe Biden’s son Hunter was serving as “a director to Ukraine’s largest private gas producer,” the elder Biden “threatened to withhold $1 BILLION in U.S. aid to Ukraine if they didn’t fire a prosecutor looking into” the gas company.  Yet, when it comes to protecting the Ukrainians’ freedom from “Minor Intrusions,” well, it’s “See ya, don’t want to be ya.”

Biden’s irrational Ukraine policy driving American’s deeper into poverty

Why did Zelinsky have to correct the “leader of the free world” about marginalizing his fellow Ukraine people by calling an invasion by Putin only a “minor intrusion?” What the 44-year-old leader may not have known is that Biden has a well-established history of throwing countries and their people under the bus beginning in 1975.

1975 Secret White House meeting Established Biden’s Cut and Run pattern

In 1975, during the Vietnam War, President Ford met with a bipartisan group of leaders on creating an exit strategy. Among those at the meeting was a young senator Biden who was there to offer advice on the Vietnam Humanitarian Assistance and Evacuation Act of 1975.  Unfortunately for the people of South Vietnam who had been loyal to America and helped our soldiers, Biden’s advice to President Ford was to cut and run.

According to Congressional Records, the

Vietnam Humanitarian Assistance and Evacuation Act of 1975 was U.S. congressional legislation proposed to designate financial resources for the evacuation and humanitarian aid of South Vietnam preceding the Fall of Saigon. The Act of Congress was to grant the 38th President of the United States a U.S. monetary fund as immediate foreign assistance for the South Indochina liberation movement during the military offensive by the People’s Army of Vietnam, People’s Liberation Armed Forces of South Vietnam, Viet Cong, and Viet Minh into Cochinchina.” 

The 1975 White House presidential briefing was to build support for the Humanitarian Act.

“In a declassified White House Memorandum of Conversation, the U.S. State Department reported, Senator Biden attended a secret briefing meeting on April 14, 1975, with President Ford,



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By U..,NARA. Date q(z..r,1.. .._

The President

Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Dr. Henry A. Kissinger, Secretary of State and

Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs

Dr. James R. Schlesinger, Secretary of Defense

Lieutenant General Brent Scowcroft, Deputy Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs

DATE AND TIME: Monday, April 14, 1975, 3:30 p. m.

PLACE: The White House Washington, D. C.

Biden will not support loyal South Vietnamese, despite the assistance of Secretary of State Henry Kissinger

Kissinger: The plan for American evacuation is in pretty good shape. But we had a report that if we pulled out and left them in the lurch, we may have to fight the South Vietnamese. It was that we were concerned with and that is why we waited to go to Thieu so we didn’t do it in the context of a bug out. The second problem is getting American citizens out in an emergency. The third is the Vietnamese to whom we have an obligation. This is infinitely more complicated and large-scale. It requires cooperation from the GVN and maybe the North Vietnamese.

Senator Biden answered: I feel put upon in being presented an all-or-nothing number. I don’t want to have to vote to buy it all or not at all. I am not sure I can vote for an amount to put American troops in for one to six months to get the Vietnamese out. I will vote for any amount for getting the Americans out. I don’t want it mixed with getting the Vietnamese out.

President Ford: There are three operations that are intertwined. There is getting out 4,500, the last 1,800 and the Vietnamese.”

 Communities Digital News reported,

Biden was well versed in lending reckless foreign policy advice. Biden considers America as a management problem that he can oversee as if it were a senate committee. A group of politically connected glad-handers.

In the White House meeting, Biden’s political pretense at supporting military action, right up until he does not, was very apparent. Then a young Senator Biden advised then-President, Gerald Ford, to get out of Vietnam. Leaving those who supported America’s effort behind on the embassy rooftop.  According to the Washington Post 25-year-old Senator Biden advised Ford that “he was willing to increase U.S. aid only as a way to provide security for a withdrawal, but to do it quickly.”

Putin’s Ukraine annexation apes Hitler in Czechoslovakia in 1938

Neville Chamberlain was the best example of “minor intrusion” invasion political appeasement

Much like Joe Biden’s notion of an invasion that is not really an invasion – if you only take a small bite of freedom away, Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain was infected with the same ill-conceived diplomatic naivete. After meeting and signing the infamous Munich Agreement peace appeasement with Germany’s leader, Adolph Hitler  Chamberlain declared “We have peace in our Time.” Proof of when you give a tyrant an inch, they will steal a mile.

UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace likens Russia-Ukraine to pre-WWII appeasement as a ‘Whiff of Munich in the air’.

The Times Israel reported that British defense secretary Ben Wallace compares Western efforts to prevent the Russian invasion of Ukraine to failed 1938 agreement with Nazi Germany signed by Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain. The 1938 Munich Agreement handed Nazi Germany parts of Czechoslovakia in a failed bid to head off major conflict in Europe. He explained,

“It may be that he (Putin) just switches off his tanks and we all go home but there is a whiff of Munich in the air from some in the West.”

Neville Chamberlain shakes hand with Adolph Hitler after signing 1938 Munich Peace Agreement –  (public domain)

In 1938, there was more than a whiff of Munich in the air.  Adolph Hitler had the world’s attention, coming off of a pro-Reich hosting of the Summer Olympics in 1936.  For many leaders, Hitler represented a breath of fresh air, even if his repressive, anti-freedom tactics toward certain undesirables were morally off-putting.  In fact, many of the leaders embraced his minor-intrusion policies as a course correction for problem people who were pesky about certain civil rights and freedom notions.

According to the BBC when Chamberlain made his last of many diplomatics forays to Berlin to sign the Munich Agreement to guarantee “Peace in our time,” he celebrated with Hitler. The BBC reporting at the time that,

“Chamberlain believed that Hitler was making extreme statements only to gain publicity and that he was essentially a reasonable man who would choose negotiation rather than conflict.” 

In addition, During the early 1930s, a number of British people expressed their admiration for Hitler’s achievements. After the ruinous end of WWI, Hitler appeared to have rebuilt Germany and made it a powerful country again.

Several prominent British politicians were very impressed by Hitler

During the early 1930s, a number of British people expressed their admiration for Hitler’s achievements. After the ruinous end of WWI, Hitler appeared to have rebuilt Germany and made it a powerful country again. Of course, Hitler like Putin only feigned interest in peace. Hitler signed a peace agreement that gave him the ability to complete his goal to eradicate all opposed to Naziism.  Putin, met with Biden several times and let him believe that the 5,000-word roadmap he penned in July, was nothing more than the musings of a political leader.

Minor Intrusion Warning for future leaders contained in the book and essay of Hitler and Putin

Both Chamberlain and Biden severely underestimated men who put their plans for minor intrusion invasion on paper.  Hitler did it in his book Mein Kampf. Volume one was published  July 18, 1925.  According to History, ” It was a blueprint of his agenda for a Third Reich and a clear exposition of the nightmare that will envelop Europe from 1939 to 1945. According to the Atlantic Council, “Russian President Vladimir Putin outlined the historical basis for his claims against Ukraine in a controversial new essay that has been likened in some quarters to a declaration of war.

Putin’s 5,000-word article, entitled “On the Historical Unity of Russians and Ukrainians,” was published on July 12. The article features many of the talking points favored by Putin throughout the past seven years of undeclared war between Russia and Ukraine. Putin adds, In one particularly ominous passage, he openly questions the legitimacy of Ukraine’s borders. Arguing that much of modern-day Ukraine occupies historically Russian lands, before stating matter of factly, “Russia was robbed.”

Elsewhere, he hints at a fresh annexation of Ukrainian territory, claiming, “I am becoming more and more convinced of this: Kyiv simply does not need Donbas.”

After a literal tsunami of minor intrusion invasions, Chamberlain’s Waterloo came on May 10th.

He and the world finally knew that Hitler had a different type of peace in mind.  He wanted all the pieces of every nation he invaded. On May 10th Hitler invaded the Low Countries—Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands—and France. The same day, Chamberlain formally lost the confidence of the House of Commons and resigned, according to the BBC.

Will Joe Biden resign with honor, when Putin makes his move outside of Ukraine?  First things first.  In order to resign with honor, one must have possessed honor.


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