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TX Democrat Lawmakers ‘Cut and Run’ to DC. Why not Biden’s Delaware?

Written By Kevin Fobbs and Susan Swift | Jul 18, 2021 | Courtesy of CommDigiNewsDelaware, Texas, Voter Suppression, Texas legislature,

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WASHINGTON: Recently, beer-guzzling Texas Democrat lawmakers piled into a private party plane to hightail it out of the Lone Star state to avoid an election reform vote. Meanwhile, President-in-Anticipation Kamala Harris called the “Fleebaggers” heroes.  The question is if they are truly standing up for accessible voting laws, why DC? Why not Delaware, Biden’s home state of Delaware with its “Jim Crow 2.0” wall that has held strong since the end of the American Civil War. (Voter Suppression in Joe Biden’s Delaware)

The bottom line is simple, according to the Atlantic.  It is harder to vote in a blue state like Delaware than say, Texas, Georgia, or Alabama.  What is especially interesting is when you find out that the nation’s first official state to ratify the U.S. Constitution on December 7, 1787,  according to  History embraced Jim Crow. Delaware is one of the last states to officially recognize former black slaves as free.  More on that later.

What you need to know now is that for voters, especially black voters, the old-style voter racism served up on a Liberal plate is actually, Slavery 2.0, 3.0, and Biden re-enslavement 2020, defined below.

Biden and liberals believe that blacks are voter ID illiterate

So, let’s unpack the decades of liberal black voter-ID illiteracy lies. Breaking them down so that even Kamala Harris and her BLM/Antifa black neighborhood burning thug “heroes” can understand.

Not a single Texas lawmaker on the ‘heroic’ lam has produced a single black voter in 2020, 2016, 2012, 2010, 2008 who was unable to secure a state ID because that person was not literate enough. 

That lack of proof was never challenged by the Texas NAACP chapters, not even the Georgia NAACP chapters, or any other red-state so-called civil rights, voting rights, liberal black marginalizing mouthpieces.  The answer is simple.  The truth has no meaning when they can murder reality from their New York and Washington media white-sheeted suites.

“I have been black all of my life and I feel that the time has come for the second shoe to drop on the Juneteenth freedom celebration.” – Kevin Fobbs

After 165 plus years of Democrats pretending to care about black freedom, cowardly Texan Democrats should be taken to task as well as those Delaware Democrats that have been masking their Jim Crow voting practices in plain sight.

First things first. To our black and minority voter activist family friends and associates we ask:

Do you know anyone in your family, church, school, barbershop, beauty salon or on your Facebook, Twitter, BEAN NowBlack Pageblack connect or  Instagram network, who has ever been able to produce one single voter who did not have an ID?

The answer is most likely a hard no, and what someone told you, about what some had said about what someone had been told … does not count!

 Post-Civil War Democrat Jim Crow election law creators are envious of Delaware

Texas lawmakers took a cue from Georgia democrats to pump up pre-midterm election law hysteria by utilizing past racist election tropes. It worked for the Peach Tree state election lies and even drove out the MLB All-Star game to the more election repressive state of Colorado.  So, you see a pattern here?  Black businesses suffer from election law lies, and a blue state profits from those lies.  Here’s the truth, Democrats now control the governor’s office, the state House, and the state Senate. In addition, with the 2020 former Gov. John Hickenlooper’s win gives Democrats control of both Colorado U.S. Senate seats, according to Fox 31 .

Biden has railed against Georgia using the pejorative Jim Crow 2.0. However, according to the left-leaning Washington Post he is lying.  Biden has railed against Texas proposed election law and the Forth Worth Star-Telegram found that his assertions to be a lie.  But somehow, the man who told millions of black voters, If you don’t vote for me and vote for Trump, “you ain’t black, never has stopped Delaware’s repressive voting laws.

Voter suppression in Delaware, the first state in the nation, has never been touched.

Is it because Biden is unaware of the voting laws? In a fit of NIMBY (not in my back yard) wants to keep the countries most restrictive voting laws in his home state?  Or is it that he is attempting to abstract/distract from the mounting evidence of vote tabulation fraud in Georgia and Arizona by creating a bigger demon?

Joe Biden with his history of racist-tinged verbal assaults against blacks cannot be acceptable any longer. (Joe Biden’s 5 racial gaffes the media is silent about)

Even though he has given lie-laden Texans a pass.  Texas Governor Greg Abbott has not. Abbott stressed in the Hill:

“The voter law in the state of Texas is far more accommodative and provides far more hours to vote than it does in President Biden’s home state of Delaware, where he voted in the last election, where they offer exactly zero early voting days.” He added. “If there’s any voter suppression taking place, the easier allegation is that voter suppression has taken place in Delaware, not Texas.”

Democrats Lying to Blacks matter for black votes, not Delaware black lives

Here’s a small bit of history that woke Critical Race Theorists want the nation’s young children to never learn about.  Jim Crow voting practices was a legal tool invented by Democrats and used uniformly in the south and the north. And most notably the first state in the Union.

Nowhere is it there a more historically dramatic portrayal of black voter cancellation than the Delaware history that Biden and Texas lawmakers don’t want to be revealed.  Well according to the Equal Justice Institute “as the rest of the country acted to abolish slavery by ratifying the Thirteenth Amendment, states such as Delaware, Kentucky, and the Territory of Oklahoma refused to ratify.

Delaware’s General Assembly refused to ratify the Thirteenth Amendment, calling it an illegal extension of federal power over the state.

In the article “Young people are changing black politics in Delaware“, Professor Theodore J. Davis, Jr. warns that blacks in Delaware are no longer a monolithic block and concludes that:

“Those under the age of 55 are spearheading this youth movement. However, there is a group under the age of 35 (the millennials) that is making its presence known in black politics as well. 

Today’s young black politicos come to the political arena with different life experiences and outlooks about the future. The members of the youth movement are more independent and progressive in their thinking than their older counterparts.  

The young black politicos did not come of age during the Civil Rights era and are not driven by the politics of that era.

The young black politicos are less willing to settle for small gains. They are not afraid to challenge the establishment, and they have no problem taking their political talents elsewhere.”

The points that Professor Davis, in addition to his conclusion, make could very well hold true for many of the urban strongholds that Democrats are losing grasp of.

Jim Crow 1.0 – Delaware Refused to Ratify Thirteenth Amendment for 36 Years – 

Delaware rejected several previous proposals to abolish slavery, including Lincoln’s 1861 proposal to compensate Delaware’s slaveholders using federal funds if they would free the Black people they held in bondage. The Delaware legislature replied to Lincoln’s proposal with a resolution stating that “when the people of Delaware desire to abolish slavery within her borders, they will do so in their own way, having due regard to strict equity.”

Not only did the Delaware legislature reject initial ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment, but it also rejected the Fourteenth Amendment of 1868 and the Fifteenth Amendment of 1870, which extended civil rights and voting privileges, respectively, to Black people, including the formerly enslaved. Finally, on February 12, 1901, Delaware ratified the Thirteenth Amendment abolishing slavery—more than 30 years after the rest of the nation.”

Jim Crow 2.0 – The Real Democrat Voter Suppression that Cancels Black Freedom

Rev. King spoke about the hypocrisy of Democrats. Democrats like Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, CNN Don Lemons, MSNBC Joy Reid, and even former Fox News Juan Williams of the media world that conveniently look the other way and hide the truth about blue state voter suppression and discrimination.

In fact, When Rev. King went to the Windy City, Democrat Mayor Bill Daley eventually tired of the civil rights legend calling attention to Northern voter, education, employment, and housing practices discrimination and according to the Civil Rights Movement Archives sent him and his civil rights movement packing.

The Indiana Law Review highlighted the 1966 King civil rights northern action as not needed.  However, the media not only failed to cover the fight for civil rights as extensively as the Southern demonstrations. It also became distinctly critical of King and his fellow activists.

As the marches became the Movement’s primary tactic, the Chicago Tribune sympathized with the white homeowners and “disparaged the imported prophets of ‘nonviolence’” who the paper said had “baited” the homeowners during their marches.

By the end of August, national media were also criticizing the Chicago Movement and calling for an end to the marches.

During an appearance by King on Meet the Press in late August, moderator Lawrence Spivak asked King,

“Isn’t it time to stop demonstrations that create violence and discord?” A few days later, the New York Times urged the Movement to agree to a moratorium on marches to stall “the present downhill course to nowhere.”

In retrospect, a much wiser Noble Peace Prize Winner King could see the obvious lies that many black voters had already experienced from blue state democrat liberals.  According to the New York Times,  in his 1967 book “Where Do We Go From Here,” Dr. King noted the limits of Northern liberalism:

“Negroes have proceeded from a premise that equality means what it says.” “But most whites in America, including many of good will,” he wrote “proceed from a premise that equality is a loose expression for improvement. White America is not even psychologically organized to close the gap.”

Harris’ Texas Fleebagger heroes would show courage not on a private jet with beer heading to DC and liberal accolades. They would show courage by actually confronting Democrat blue states like Delaware, or Rhode Island, that demand a voter ID and enforce limitations on mail-in ballots. In fact, according to the Atlantic, Rhode Island ACLU Executive Director Steve Brown stated, “Repealing voter ID was a nonstarter” and added, “So there was no point in putting it in the reform bill.”

So Kamala, stop posing for self-serving photo ops with the Congressional Black Caucus. Instead, march yourself over to Delaware, Rhode Island and other points north and bring blue state voter reform to the state capitols in those states. (Biden’s Home State of Delaware Has Stricter Voting Laws than Texas)

Now is the time to stop the 160 plus years of Democrat-fueled Jim Crow black voter cancelation.

Will black voters wake up and become uncanceled? Will they embrace an America where voter integrity is not governed by liberal democrats marginalizing black intelligence?

Can blacks stop Democrats’ multi-million dollar advertising campaigns to portray blacks as useful tools? Whiledemand that you abandon common sense and leave your dignity at home. It does belong in the voting booth.

Your Silence is Betrayal.


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Kevin Fobbs began writing professionally in 1975. He has been published in the “New York Times,” and has written for the “Detroit News,” “Michigan Chronicle,” “GOPUSA,” “Soul Source” and “Writers Digest” magazines. In addition to the Ann Arbor and Cleveland “Examiner,” “Free Patriot,” “Conservatives4 Palin” and “Positively Republican.” The former daily host of The Kevin Fobbs Show on conservative News Talk WDTK – 1400 AM in Detroit, he is also a published author. His Christian children’s book, “Is There a Lion in My Kitchen,” hit bookstores in 2014.

California PolitiChick Susan Swift Arnall is a lawyer, wife, and conservative mother of seven children. Since her impassioned call into Rush Limbaugh’s radio program in 2009, Susan has given political commentary on radio and blogs and was invited in 2010 by Andrew Breitbart to write for his young website Big Journalism. She has written over 60 published articles for Breitbart.

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