May 23, 2024

March for Faith launches Project Pente-Coast to reconnect People of God

Evil is canceling our American faith, our culture of life and our liberty

Written By Kevin Fobbs and Susan Swift | Feb 25, 2021 / Courtesy of CommDigiNewsproject Pente-Coast, March for Faith

March For Faith’s Project “Pente-Coast” campaign to reconnect Americans of faith using the First Amendment

WASHINGTON — Can a nation without faith long survive? Susan Swift Arnall, President of March For Faith, firmly believes that “Evil is canceling our American faith, our culture of life and our liberty, dividing us, and making us fearful of expressing our First Amendment freedoms.” If multi-billion dollar tech oligarchs can shut down a president, the solution may very well be March For Faith’s Project “Pente-Coast” campaign to reconnect Americans of faith by employing the First Amendment and old-school tactics from coast to coast.

For nearly a year, millions of Americans have become conditioned by the mainstream make-believe media to Joe Biden’s and Kamala Harris’s political anti-science hysteria. They have treated notions of God and faith as toxic, disparaging both with the mind-wash acid of left-wing propaganda.

The liberal media spin both heightened the threat of COVID as well as gaslighted the results of the presidential election.  Now Americans’ faith is being systematically canceled.  Americans fear co-workers, neighbors or even family members will report them for going to church, for singing hymns in public, for peacefully assembling at the “wrong” sort of political rally, for sharing Biblical testimony, or for reciting public prayer before a meal or even wearing a “Jesus Loves You” mask to school, according to the New York Post.   They fear losing their jobs, their friends, even their children, for exercising such God-given First Amendment liberties. Because of fear, fellow Americans are the enemy.

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It’s Time to Cancel Fear

 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Ephesians 6:12)

Arnall insists that this dangerous extreme attack on the Christian faith in the public square must end. She stresses, “Faith cancels fear!”

The first step toward recapturing the essence of who we are as Americans is to resurrect America’s First Amendment freedoms. This requires all of us, and especially the 75 million Americans who voted for President Trump, to actively support a resurrection of the Christian faith,  the bedrock of our nation’s Constitution.

The Founding Fathers placed faith in God as the cornerstone of our Republic. Faith is essential to liberty. That is why March for Faith advocates that all fifty states declare faith as an “essential” activity to prevent continued attempts to lock down religious exercise as merely non-essential “entertainment.”

How Does Project Pente-Coast Campaign Work?

How does this work?  It starts with one simple postcard . . . and with each one of us.

March for Faith has created unique postcards, each with a different uplifting message, to share.  They are designed for Pastors, Police, Medical Personnel, Patriots in public service, Teachers, and personal friends.  And, they are free.

Each one of us can share much-needed words of encouragement and gratitude from coast to coast. Doing so will rebuild faith in our fellow Americans.

A little postcard can reconnect Americans with each other.  Unlike email or social media memes, postcards are tangible, private, and personal. And Big Tech can’t track them, can’t doxx anyone, and can’t silence anyone because each person is in control of using the postcards and delivering them by hand or through the mail.

More on Project Pente-Coast

By starting the Pente-Coast campaign in Lent,

“Christians can use these postcards to reconnect with fellow Americans to prepare for the celebration of Easter at Christ’s Resurrection and the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost across America,” explained Arnall. She added, “Plan now to bring a postcard to church for your priest or pastor on Pentecost. Put it in the offering plate to thank and encourage all ministers of faith.”

Print them and cut them out. Hand deliver them, drop them in envelopes to mail, or print them double-sided on card stock and mail them as postcards. Or copy them and add your own words. These are wonderfully easy tools to use to reunite people, rebuild faith and connect or reconnect with people personally so they know they are not alone.

Americans have never given up on what has made the nation endure through the crisis. Don’t let your religious faith be stripped away by liberal governors, illegal court actions, the White House’s tyrannical executive orders to shut you down, shut you up or Shut Yo’ Mouth.

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Project Pente-Coast Call-to-Action

Be a Call-to-Action Faith Change Agent

  • This is your Call to Action to encourage those you know…one postcard at a time.
  • Download and print out the postcards.
  • Pray for those who need to hear from you.
  • Then pick a postcard message for that person and deliver it.
  • Send a postcard each week.
  • Share this campaign with others in email or social media or word of mouth. It’s free at

In addition, Arnall invites supporters to take part in the weekly Patriots Prayers Thursdays in Lent at 7 pm PST on Zoom. We will pray like our Founding Fathers did, for our country, for increased faith, and for courage.

Sign up at March For Faith to join in and receive the zoom link.”

Share this campaign with others. You will create an outpouring of encouragement and faith from coast to coast. Bring a card to church for your priest or pastor on Pentecost. You will cancel fear.  Remember: Silence is Betrayal!


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— Headline image:  Graphic from March For Faith’s Project “Pente-Coast” campaign to reconnect Americans of faith
using the First Amendment