April 25, 2024

Biden’s New American Pastime: Vaxxed-Only Football Freedom Passport

Written By Kevin Fobbs and Susan Swift | Sep 20, 2021 | Courtesy of CommDigiNewsVaxxed-Only, football, Football, Sports, Recreation, Covid, Masks, Mandates

Football fans – Photo by tino from Pexels – https://www.pexels.com/photo/man-people-woman-festival-8653372/

WASHINGTON: America, are you ready for some football?  Well, not so fast.  In September, the nation’s commander-in-chief determined that he would dictate your recreational freedom rights. For safety. Joe Biden recently issued a mandatory 100-million-person executive vaccine order.  The White House also insisted that recreation venues, like American football stadiums, should be open only to the Vaxxed. So, should hundreds of thousands of football stadium fans cave into this presidential cancelation of recreational freedom? Do you need to remember to have your Vaxed-Only Football Freedom Passport or be rejected at the gate as you head to the football stadium?

Should American football fans take a knee at Biden’s Un-Vaxxed Ban?

If you are one of the hundreds of thousands of football fans who fill 31 stadiums all across America, you must be asking yourself which Biden order to follow. Less than a year ago, then president-elect Biden assured America there would NEVER be vaccine mandates.

Biden emphatically stating,

“Americans won’t be forced to take a coronavirus vaccine when one becomes available in the US,’ – BBC. 

Those familiar with Biden’s well-documented penchant for lying while smiling were left seeking the truth. Instead, professional and college sports fans should have been paying closer attention:

  • In early spring, as baseball teams were preparing for Opening Day, Joe Biden and his White House had plans for vaccine mandates and passports, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.
  • Biden’s hidden agenda impacts America’s favorite pastime: pro football.
  • In April, White House Press secretary, Jen “Circle-Back” Psaki, was insisting that the Biden administration had no plans for vaccine passports –  San Diego Union-Tribune.

The truth is that Biden and administration officials were working on mandated vaccines and vaccine passports, even as they say differently.

Read My Lips: No Vaccine Passports!

Biden administration has no plans for vaccine passport says White House Press secretary, Jen Psaki:  


In April, the San Diego Union-Tribune was saying

“[t]he Biden administration and private companies were working to develop a standard way of handling credentials – often referred to as ‘vaccine passports’ – that would allow Americans to prove they have been vaccinated against the novel coronavirus.” 

Meanwhile, Press Secretary Psaki was feeding baseball and football fans what “bull-sport.”  It was the exact opposite of their hidden deception to strip Americans of their recreational freedom.  Psaki reassured America,

“[t]here will be no federal vaccinations database and no federal mandate requiring everyone to obtain a single vaccination credential.” – the News Observer.

During April and in the months to follow, the administration’s vaccine mandate and vaccine passport initiative was quietly revving up.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reported that the effort was

“driven largely by arms of the Department of Health and Human Services. It included an office devoted to health information technology, said five officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity. The White House this month took on a bigger role coordinating government agencies involved in the work. The effort was led by coronavirus coordinator Jeff Zients.”

According to The Hill, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is vowing to take executive action to pan such medical documents.  DeSantis insisting,

“We always said we wanted to provide it for all but mandate it for none.” But, he added, “It’s completely unacceptable for either the government or the private sector to impose upon you the requirement that you show proof of vaccine to just simply participate in normal society.

For Florida football fans, you should be able to enjoy your recreational vaccine passport freedom.

Is it a big deal when Biden and the White House lie to lockdown recreational freedom?

Each day Americans are witnessing various parts of their constitutional freedoms fading, with on-again masked, unmasked, vaxxed, and triple-vaxxed mandates. The Biden mind-numbing inconsistencies wrapped in lies and misdirection have resulted in his tumbling poll numbers.

Reuters reporting,

“Public approval of U.S. President Joe Biden has dropped to the lowest level of his presidency, with Americans appearing to be increasingly critical of his response to the coronavirus pandemic, according to the latest Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll. The national poll, conducted Sept. 15-16, found that 44% of U.S. adults approved of Biden’s performance in office, while 50% disapproved. Biden’s popularity has been declining since mid-August as the U.S.-backed Afghan government collapsed and as COVID-19-related deaths surged across the country.”

Worse than Biden’s dramatically sinking poll numbers is how Biden imperiously dismisses Americans’ concerns about the vaccines. His ridicule reveals his genuine contempt for citizens who stand in his way of universal enforcement of political compliance. Biden would rather divide the nation than lead it as a Christian.

“Romans 12:7-8 “if it is serving, let him serve; if it is teaching, let him teach; if it is encouraging, let him encourage; if it is giving, let him give generously; if it is leading, let him lead with diligence; if it is showing mercy, let him do it cheerfully.

Biden does not display mercy but rather harsh intimidation.

He repeatedly reminds Americans that he is President as if attempting to convince himself and not the nation.  Biden sternly reminds the country to do as I say because you “must follow vaccine mandates.”  In Joe Biden’s version of America, you are not free.  As he told you in his White House speech, “The Presidential Executive Order is not about your freedom.”

In other words, your freedom is damned!

Take a stand for American Recreational Freedom from Vaccine passports

On the other side of America’s constitutional freedoms are Biden’s mainstream media militia mob mouthpieces.  They gleefully demonize any American who dares question, Kaiser Biden.  Freedom of thought is a crime.  Will your family be considered criminals if you don’t have a vaccine passport at the football stadium gate?

Honestly, where will freedom end and dictatorship begin?

  • Should your child under 12, who cannot receive the vaccine, be forced to wait outside in the car?
  • Is this a nation that will bend a knee to such a presidential mandate?
  • Should football fans willfully go along to get along?
  • What sort of canceled recreational freedom pastime will be a bridge too far for Americans to cross?

Worse yet, what can come next?  Here’s a clue.

Forced “voluntary” compliance is the first step to mandatory freedom eradication.  Then dictatorship follows.

In 1933, Adolph Hitler convinced the private sector, industrialists, and legislators that Jews were a danger in their midst. Therefore, and for the country’s good, they needed to be regulated, according to the United States Holocaust Museum.

 “Through hundreds of legal measures, the Nazi-led German government gradually excluded Jews from public life, the professions, and public education. The goal of Nazi propaganda was to demonize Jews and to create a climate of hostility and indifference toward their plight.” 

Sounds eerily familiar, right?

Every weekend, consider if you truly accept having your recreational freedom canceled.

The NAACP2021 National Association of Canceled People firmly believes that you and millions of football fans reject taking a knee to tyranny. However, they will not surrender to Joe “C’mon Man” Biden’s freedom eradication mandates.

A word of warning, in the 1932 elections in Germany, Hitler issued some firm suggested policies. However, in 1933 they were no longer suggestions. Instead, they turned into Nazi recreational reprogramming camps. According to The Texas National Security Review, the public was told “the camps offered fresh air, exercise, and skills training to discipline social deviants who could then be returned to the society,” according to The Texas National Security Review.

Until they weren’t

Remember, when Biden tells the nation it is only a suggestion and his lips are moving, it has a distinct possibility of being a lie. So protect your recreational freedom and be the football fan that says, “My freedom card is found in the Constitution and not in a Biden Vaxxed only Football Freedom Passport.”

Silence is Betrayal.


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