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Biden calls Sr Black Aide Richmond ‘Boy’ Does he get a racist pass?

Written By Kevin Fobbs and Susan Swift | Sep 1, 2021 | Courtesy of CommDigiNewsBiden, Racists, Boy, Richmond

Shut Yo Mouth Race Card

On Monday during a Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) briefing, President Biden introduced his African-American Senior Adviser, Cedric Richmond, as “boy.” That should be a mic drop, but the press has let Joe get away with this for his entire political career. In truth, Biden has always been a gaffe machine with a long history of racist slurs.

Tim Murtaugh from the Heritage Foundation has done a great job rounding up some of the more defining examples of Biden’s 50 years of a highly unrepentant racist character. Meanwhile, a snapshot from 1962 demonstrates how a black steelworker provides a teachable lesson on how to neutralize Biden-like “Boy” racist marginalizing moments.

  • Confusing the black World War II fighter pilots with a governmental study of black syphilic men, Biden said “They are used to being experimented on—the Tuskegee Airmen and others.”
  • In May 2020, on Charlamagne Tha God’s radio show, Biden quipped to the largely black radio audience that if they didn’t know whether to vote for him or Trump, then “you ain’t black!
  • Three months later, Biden lectured a group of black and Hispanic journalists that “unlike the African American community, with notable exceptions, the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community with incredibly different attitudes about different things.”
  • In 2010, Biden eulogized Robert Byrd, a former Exalted Cyclops in the Ku Klux Klan, as “one of my mentors”.

“Whenever men and women straighten their backs up, they are going somewhere, because a man can’t ride your back unless it is bent” ― Martin Luther King Jr.

Perhaps Scranton born and raised Joe Biden thought that glad-handing and celebrating an apparent racist comrade in arms was common nature. Or maybe it was simply another “Come on, man” moment.  But for Booker T. Fobbs, Biden’s embrace of a Ku Klux Klan best buddy, who was comfortable and seemingly at home with openly racist displays of “microaggressions,” would not be a laughing matter.

For a vintage perspective of how real black men stood up to racist verbal attacks on their manhood, let’s travel in the way-back-time-machine to circa 1962. 

It’s time for Cedric Richmond to take notes on this anecdote from history. To learn how to man up when disrespected by racists such as Joe Biden.

Biden, Boy, Racist

Booker T. Fobbs 1962 I am a Man not a boy Teachable 1962 Moment

In 1962, Booker T. Fobbs was a 49-year-old steelworker at Great Lakes Steel.

He was a former semi-pro boxer and the son of a preacher. Who grew up in the segregated south when Joe Biden was a racist-in-the-making 20-year-old. Several of  Booker Fobbs’ co-workers related the following “Boy” experience to writer Kevin Fobbs while sitting in the neighborhood pool hall recreation center one Saturday summer afternoon that year.

In the Detroit area steel mills of the 1960s, many racist workers at Great Lakes Steel marginalized black access to jobs. Their daily demeaning taunts of black men were something that many white men allowed at the mill. Worse yet, far too many engaged in.

That was until they met up with Booker T. Fobbs

Fobbs was a Black southerner, who grew up in the segregated south. He was also the son of a college-educated teacher and civil rights activist preacher. Walking with a bent back was not in his DNA. No racist pass is allowed.

A white co-worker attempted to intimidate Booker Fobbs at work, with racist slurs and insults.  His Black co-workers related to the then young Kevin, how Booker stood none-to-nose with the spitting, spluttering under-educated white racist co-worker.

As he stared into his eyes Booker calmly but firmly and ordered,

“The next time that you call me boy or ‘Nigga’ know this. You will feel the consequences of your words and your actions, and then ask God why you’re staring up at me from the floor.”

That day, the “Boy” verbal assault was buried for future black workers at that steel mill in Detroit. No racist pass was given!

Cedric Richmond, do you understand yet?

Biden, lacking Booker’s “Boy” teaching lesson, actively sought Southern Segregationist Support

Biden’s letters reveal he resisted this desegregation tactic. Way back in 1977, Biden opposed school desegregation because it would cause his children to “grow up in a racial jungle.”

In fact, Biden focused on school segregation for twenty years.

He really didn’t want blacks in white schools. Biden actually built his political career around school segregation. Just ask Kamala Harris, or Senator Byrd, whom Biden eulogized at his 2010 funeral and warmly remembered,

“Robert C. Byrd was the fierce — most fierce defender of not only the state, but the way of life.”  White House

Joe Biden characterized state-mandated school integration as “the most racist concept you can come up with,” defending school segregation as a matter of “black pride.” Now that’s some trolling level-10 political spin, right there.  And don’t forget that in 1993, Civil-Rights-challenged Joe called African-American felons, according to CNN.

Joe asks African-Americans to trust his words — but don’t dare verify

In a 1975 attempt to portray himself in a favorable light when asked whether he might be a racist, Biden claimed he asked “the blacks on my staff” whether he harbored something “in me that’s deep-seated that I don’t know.”

Maybe it’s time to ask Cedric Richmond.

Will you give Biden a racist pass? Will you let Biden cancel your manhood? Are you a “Boy” or a Man?


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Shut Yo Mouth Race Card

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